Requisites for being considered Competent Career Guidance Practitioner

With regard to performing career guidance interviews we define ‘Competent CG Practitioner’ the one who:

  • 1. has a deep and updated knowledge of career guidance information (defined as the one about A. educational and training paths. B. job search techniques. C. occupations. D. main laws about employment and unemployment. E. local context and actors) and of CG main information sources. On definition and role of CG information see for example Offer M. (2001), ‘The Discourse of the Labour Market’, in Gothard B., Mignot P., Offer M., Ruff M., Careers Guidance in Context. In the Professional Checkup this is assessed by Common elements 0.2. and 0.1. question 4 for what refers to external organizations to which refer clients).
  • 2. Masters the counseling skills. I refer here to Ali L., Graham B. (1996), The Counselling Approach to Careers Guidance and more in general to Rogers, Carchuff, Egan, Prochaska Norcross & DiClemente. In the Professional Checkup this is assessed by common element 0.3. and element 2.1.
  • 3. Is able to help clients to:
  1. Identify a career goal. Here are involved many CG theorists, starting from Parsons, Holland, etc. More in general differential psychology is involved. In theProfessional Checkup this is assessed by element 2.2.
  2. Develop an action plan. For developing an action plan for job search it is possible to refer to Bolles N. (2010) What color is your parachute and Krumboltz J.D., Levin A.S. (2004) Luck Is No Accident: Making the Most of Happenstance in Your Life and Career. In the Professional Checkupthis is assessed by element 2.3.
  3. Support the client while implementing an action plan. Here we go back to counseling skills. In the Professional Checkup this is assessed by element 2.4.
  • 4. Applies ethical principles and continuously tries to improve its own knowledge, performance and the service. In the Professional Checkup this is assessed by common element 0.5.

Professional Checkup is a tool for validation of competence of career guidance practitioners.

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