My learning log of German

In this page I describe my weekly activities for learning German

Week 28 August till 2 of September 2018

  • Started this diary
  • Examined several apps to understand which I could use
  • Studied the best functioning of Google translate
  • Used Duolingo
  • Learnt to use anki (flashcards) and started inserting new words
  • Exchanged suggestions with friends about learning German
  • Carried out one tandem by Skype
  • Listened to articles on Deutsche Welle website
  • Read simple texts on
  • Written one web page about my experience with German and researched how to learn a language
  • Researched and written one page about effective tandem
  • Learned: Ich war / getting used to decletions of determinative and undeterminative articles

Week ending 9th of September

  • average time studying German: 1 hour a day
  • decided to stop using Duolingo
  • Used 2 free lessons on Pimsleur
  • used DW learn German (Nicos Weg)
  • used Babel
  • used
  • used Easy German videos (see Youtube)
  • listened to some podcasts
  • tried unsuccessfully to find apps for learning articles and words (I need one where I can search and ad to favourites the words I find on the texts I read)
  • decided to stop studying Grammar and to increase listening and repeating. every day: 20 minutes listening and repeating, 20 minutes listening, 20 minutes working with flashcards to improve my vocabulary. By time to time studying grammar.